Super Mario RPG Frog Coins Farming Guide


Super Mario RPG has multiple currencies, including the green Frog Coins that you may have spotted while exploring various levels. These can be used at a few different shops throughout the game to purchase useful items, so you'll want to find as many as possible--especially if you want to buy everything in the game for full completion. Here's how to farm more Frog Coins.

How to get more Frog Coins in Super Mario RPG

When you're ready to farm up plenty of Frog Coins, make your way to the wall-scaling mini-game in Land's End. This mini-game requires you to jump from shell to shell to make your way up a mountain, earning you five Frog Coins every time you reach the top in under eleven seconds. It's rather difficult at first, but once you manage to memorize the path and nail the timing of your jumps, it becomes second nature. Thus, this becomes a helpful way to amass Frog Coins quickly and pretty easily.

If you'd like to earn a few extra Frog Coins while playing through the game, make sure to jump on any Shoguns or Wigglers you find. Jumping three times on a Shogun nets you one Frog Coin, while you'll need to jump ten times on a Wiggler for the same result. Still, these few additional Frog Coins can add up.

Be aware that Frog Coins cap at 999, so if you find that you've amassed such an impressive amount, you'll need to spend some before you can earn any more. Chances are, however, that you'll never spend that much.

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