Super Mario RPG Yoshi Cookies Farming Guide


Super Mario RPG has multiple types of collectible items you can find to help you along in your journey, including Yoshi Cookies, which can be used in multiple ways. For starters, they can be used in battle to summon Yoshi to eat an enemy, granting you a useful item in return. But they are also important if you'd like to race and beat Boshi on Yo'ster Isle. Regardless of why you want some, here's how to farm up more Yoshi Cookies.

How to get more Yoshi Cookies in Super Mario RPG

Building up a collection of Yoshi Cookies in Super Mario RPG, may not be as easy as you're hoping, but it shouldn't be too much of a hassle if you're willing to spend some time at the Mushroom Derby on Yo'ster Isle.

If you currently have zero Yoshi Cookies, speak to one of the Yoshis on Yo'ster Isle to receive three. These can't be used in battle, but you'll be able to feed them to Yoshi to speed him up in a race against Boshi in the Mushroom Derby, which you'll need to win in order to begin saving up more Yoshi Cookies.

After defeating Boshi in the Mushroom Derby, you can use Yoshi Cookies to bet on races. If you win, you'll receive quite a chunk of Yoshi Cookies as a reward. If you feel confident in your racing skills, you can choose to ride Yoshi yourself during these races and improve your chances of winning.

Keep betting on races and winning to save up a big collection of Yoshi Cookies, then use them in battle to see what types of items Yoshi will turn enemies into.

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